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10 Leggings That Make You Feel Good Inside And Out

10 Leggings That Make You Feel Good Inside And Out

We all know leggings are number 1 in the comfort department. Leggings often get a bad wrap but when styled correctly they can be chic, fashion forward and one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. Try these 10 different legging styles to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside…

1. The cropped legging
Thank Kimmy K for this trend, a slightly cropped legging with a simple heel and body suit is the newest thing in cool. Add an oversized hooded jumper or denim jacket for extra street appeal. 

2. The leather look legging
To achieve that infamous Model-off-duty chic look, a leather legging is perfect! Add an edgy ankle boot, vintage band tee and oversized tote and you are good to go.

3. The print legging
Have a little fun and play around with a print legging. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple – blacks, whites and greys. Inject a little fun in the accessory department to achieve an eclectic look with a statement necklace or bright bag. 

4. The block colour legging
Take a leaf from the style bibles of fashion front rowers and embrace primary colours. A bold red legging or cobalt blue are both great options. A simple button down white shirt keeps the look clean and fashionable and a piece of geometric jewellery will pack a very stylish punch.

5. The plain legging
A wardrobe staple, the matt black legging works with absolutely everything and is always the most soft and comfortable version you will find.

6. The metallic legging
A fun and bold take on a regular legging, a metallic version elevates this style making you stand out while being ultra-comfortable. Win, win.

7. The athleisure legging
Look no further than P.E Nation for a chic, stylish legging which will take you from pilates all the way to a café without anyone batting an eyelid.

8. The gym legging
Find the most comfortable legging with a subtle sheen and a higher waist band to include into your active wear wardrobe. These are a staple and will ensure you can work out free from pulling up waist bands or worrying about jiggling around. These are an essential!

9. The at home legging
Verging on PJ’s but also acceptable to worn to the shop, the at-home-legging will be your best friend come winter. Add a pair or ugg boots and a cute knit for optimum cosy and cute. 

10. The sexy legging
Look for cut outs, lacing, sheer panels or anything which screams sexy. Go all out and add a knee high boot over the top.