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3 Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe

3 Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe

The easiest way to update and add fun to any outfit is with an accessory and the CPW (cost per wear) is always great and there are literally thousands of options. Put simply, the right accessory will update your wardrobe without a big spend and allow you to inject your unique personality into any outfit.


  1. The Cross Body Bag

This is a great staple to add to your closet, with comfort playing a key role – a good cross body suggests effortless and ease, with practicality paying an important role in explaining why this style works so well. The “just threw this on” vibes are the goal. Look for hard-wear details, the right length strap (not too long, it should sit just over the hip) and pops of color such as red or fuchsia are always fun and chic.


  1. The Statement Earring

The statement necklace trend has well and truly died down, with earrings being the new way forward when it comes to statement jewelry. Feathers and tassels are on trend as well as drop gold versions, with the 70’s nomad/Coachella influences heavily inspiring this look right now. More is more.


  1. The Scarf

No, we are not talking about chunky winter scarves rather, look for kerchiefs and silk versions and then get creative. A lightweight scarf can be tied to a bag, around the neck, wrist or up in a pony tail. Make this look you! These style scarves are aplenty in thrift stores so go wild and stock up on as many styles and colors as you can.


Try playing around with color, texture and tone when accessorizing and remember to hold onto old accessories – you never know when they will come back in and be reused!