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3 Quirky Trends To Have Fun With This Fall

3 Quirky Trends To Have Fun With This Fall

What is fashion without a little fun? Every season, among the predictable and safe trends which filter down from the runway right to the street, there are a few crazy, wild, and quirky styles to choose from. Fall 2018 was no different. Try these unexpected trends to stand out and push the boundaries for Autumn and Winter. Just remember to keep a sense of humor about it!


Workwear – High via, fluro, practical, tough. Workwear is one trend which is, while way left of center, surprisingly stylish when styled well. This look is not for the meek or faint-hearted and calls for 100% commitment. Try pairing tough boots with an orange boiler suit, belted at the waist, to add some femineity to the rugged references, or tone it down a notch with navy cargo pants and a florescent vest off set with a lace bralette showing underneath.


Uggs – No longer a tragic early 2000’s staple (think Britney Spears on a fast food run), the Ugg boot has been reinvented with thigh high boots the newest in cozy chic. Who can argue with something as comfortable as an Ugg which manages to also be stylish? Opt for a warm tan color and pair with a neutral sweater or shirt dress. Dressing up rather than down is the key to getting this look right, so think neutrals, rich textures, gold details, and anything luxe.


Layering – When one thinks layering, the general consensus is 2-3 items styled over one another, but in 2018, think again. Layering has taken a new meaning with more-is-more-is-more being the name of the game. Volume is the goal. How you get there is completely up to you! A dress over jeans with a t shirt underneath and a jacket over the top; shorts over tights with a white shirt under a knit jumper - whatever floats your boat. Anything goes.