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3 Surprising Accessory Trends To Put On Your Must-Have List

3 Surprising Accessory Trends To Put On Your Must-Have List

The Oversized Bag

The last dozen seasons have seen bags become small, practical, easy to carry – almost an after thought. Suddenly this trend towards small and simple is giving way to big, large, monstrous even, totes and carry all’s. Thanks Victoria Beckham for this trend, her latest runway show has the largest bags imaginable strewn over shoulders in shades of lilac. Unexpected yes! Divine, absolutely!


The Headscarf

The quintessential 1950’s headscarf is back, convertible red car and Hollywood superstar not required! Wear yours tied around your neck, on your bag, through your belt loops – wherever you can tie a scarf, give it a go. This is the perfect way to inject some individuality and color into your wardrobe without going out and purchasing a whole new outfit.



Leather, sequined, woolen, you name it, there is a place in your wardrobe waiting for a pair. Gloves pack a punch when it comes to stepping up in the style game – a bold, confident choice which says “I’m stylish and I’ll go all out if I want to”. There is no room for the unsure on this trend, get on it 100% or don’t bother. Go hard or go home.