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4 New Season Looks Coming in 2019

4 New Season Looks Coming in 2019

The change in season means new trends and the opportunity to reinvent the pieces you currently have.  Here are some trends coming our way as we move into the second half of the year and look ahead to 2019. These three trends will ensure you stay ahead of the pack

NEON: 90’s minimalism has had a strong hold over fashion for a good few years now and the snore fest is being heard. Neon set to take hold and bump the less-is-more trend off it’s track with bright punchy colours being splashed across “grown-up” pieces such as suiting and blazers. The new neon is less punk, more sophisticated.

THE SUIT: A tailored suit is the new must-have going forward in fashion. Neon, as mentioned above, is a strong contender, as well as colors such as watermelon and sky blue. Style this look with  confidence and an effortless ease, paying attention to striking the balance between relaxed fit and tailored is a fine line but when done right it is the ultimate in style right now.

LAYERING: While layering is nothing new, the predicted trend precedes everything before it, with layers getting thrown on haphazardly and unexpectedly. Texture and volume are the name of the game, adding tulle, stripes, gingham, faux fur, the more contrasting elements the better!

1960’s: It has been a little while since references to the 60’s have made an appearance on the runway but we are seeing this start to come through – the mini is back after the midi took it’s place for the last decade. Try a high pony tail and structured tweeds to take this look to swinging 60’s extremes.