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5 Jewellery Staples to Buy Yourself

5 Jewellery Staples to Buy Yourself

Jewelry is a very personal thing – some of steer towards silver, others gold, some go for color and bling but whatever the choice, our jewelry takes a special place in our heart perhaps because it is worn so close to the body it almost becomes a part of us.


  1. A Pearl Ring

This is right on trend but also one worth investing in because it will never date. A pearl ring is eye catching, suits both silver and gold bands and isn’t too hefty of an investment. Try searching Ebay, vintage stores or small jeweler’s for this staple jewelry piece that you will keep forever.

  1. A Statement Necklace

The statement necklace trend had a big moment a decade ago but you can be sure it is never a long wait for the fashion pendulum to swing back. Silver is the way to go when it comes to this look – check out Dylan Lex and her amazingly detailed pieces. Edgy, stylish and bold, the statement necklace is an essential piece for any wardrobe and is the perfect piece to dress up a simple white shirt or sweater.

  1. A Cuff

The cuff is a great piece to elevate an outfit without looking fussy, rather it says “I am practical, professional and confident”. Bold, metallic, geometric cuffs are the best investment for the fashion forward girl who doesn’t have time for over the top detail.

  1. A Novelty Stud

Stars, lightning bolts, arrows….whatever your thing, a novelty stud can inject a hint of your personality into your jewelry wardrobe without the big spend. Always look for for gold plated or sterling silver to protect your ears and ensure they last forever.

  1. A Drop Earring

Earrings are in. You can’t swing a drop earrings these days without seeing another pair you just HAVE to have in a magazine, store front or on the girl beside you at the bar. Go for something fun like a tassel, bead or unique shape and keep your outfit simple.