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5 Timeless Shoes To Invest In

5 Timeless Shoes To Invest In

Walk this way…straight into your shoe investment portfolio. Having a good range of timeless shoes makes getting dressed simple, with the styles below exactly what you need to cover every outfit imaginable.


The White Sneaker – the white sneaker was once relegated to Jerry Seinfeld or your daggy weekend wardrobe but since it became a chic must have when the Normcore trend hit a few years back, it proved itself the most versatile shoe staple for any fashionista. Worn with jeans, shorts, shirts and even dresses, the white sneaker goes with everything and says style without the fuss.

The Ankle Boot – the most comfortable way to add a little height and edge to any outfit, the ankle boot has CPW (cost per wear) going off the charts.

The Basic Pump – nothing is as classic, chic and streamlining as a simple pump. Go for black or have fun with pops of color in red and fuchsia. This shoe is ultra-feminine so add a casual element to balance this out, try a leather or a denim jacket.

The Sandal – a summer staple, the simple flat sandal is a must have. While gladiator sandals used to reach up to the knee and divided fashion lovers worldwide, the new way to do a simple sandal is less dramatic, with a simple ankle strap or a low tie wrap around the ankle.

The Statement Heel – shiny, lace up, sequins, floral, whatever you gravitate towards, the statement heel is the shoe you simply can’t resist. It might not get a lot of wear but it sits on display in your closet or somewhere visible in your room just because it is almost a work of art. This shoe is for those special night you never want to forget, with the ones you love the most.