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5 Ways To Perfect Mixing Prints

5 Ways To Perfect Mixing Prints

1. Colour cohesion – mixing prints doesn't have to mean working with a crazy mash of colour, it can still be done using a pared back and cohesive colour palette. For example, try mixing leopard print with stripes but rather than going for a completely clashing colour, look for muted blacks and beige or navy and tan stripes such as a muted stripe tee with a leopard print skirt. Play off the colours, warm or cool, to tie it together

2. Start small- you need not go for a fuchsia dress and bright yellow floral jacket! You can start off with a bag in a different print than your shirt. Dip your toe in rather than diving head first into an array of patterns and prints. It is ok to test the waters first!

3. Find your tribe. Are you an animal print lover? Do you prefer a punk rocker plaid pattern? Do you live for stripes or are florals your thing? Stay true to your own style and clash prints which are "you". You can mix two prints from the same style tribe such as a plaid button up shirt with plaid tailored pants in a slightly smaller print. 

4. All in the accessories – keep the accessories simple, minimal and chic when mixing prints. Simple black shoes and an envelope bag look great with some wild prints, pulling the look back from the brink of being all too much. 

5. Have fun! There is something about mixing prints which screams "I don't take myself too seriously" and isn't that what fashion is all about? Enjoy the process, think of it like a painting and you are going wild with that brush.