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5 Ways to Start Adding Statement Colors Into Your Wardrobe

5 Ways to Start Adding Statement Colors Into Your Wardrobe

If you are like many people, you LOVE wearing black. It’s easy, flattering and matches everything. However, if you walk into your closet and you feel a bit drab when you  only see shades of black, gray and dark blue, your wardrobe might need a bit of a color punch.

If dressing in bright colors is a new thing for you, start with the basics first. A bright teal pair of shoes or plum purse can be a way to dip your toe into the water of adding color to your wardrobe. Additionally, a black dress paired with a ruby red belt or yellow scarf can be other ways to get started. Even a pair of brightly colored sunglasses can brighten up your outfit.

On that note, adding a bright pop of color with your jewelry is another great bet for those of you who are still stuck in your all black (or gray or brown) ensembles. Whether it is with bling or color, adding a statement piece or two in the form of earrings, necklaces or bracelets is a great way to pump up the color volume.

If all of your pants are monotone, begin with a more economical approach. Buy a few tops in some colors that are flattering to you. Think of colors that make you feel good and that you get compliments on when you wear them. Begin with these colors and work from there.

Go big or go home with some flashy prints. A striped skirt, leopard top or polka-dotted jacket are some ways to really spice up your wardrobe.

If finding the right colors or styles to get out of your monotone rut is leaving you in the dumps, the professional stylists at DAAMN! are here to help. Ask them your questions about how to give your wardrobe a boost and they will be there with the answers!