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Animal Print is Back and Better Than Ever

Animal Print is Back and Better Than Ever

That’s right, you can channel your inner Cheetah Girl this fall! The runways are flooded with a safari of patterns. From Tom Ford and Ashley Williams with colorful cheetah prints, to Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy with the classic zebra print, this style was definitely going to make its way off of the runway and into our closets.


It is so easy to look at the runway and not know how to turn that into streetwear, but this trend is very adaptable. The styles and the prints are easy to add to your wardrobe on many different levels.


Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

There are many faux animal print options on the market right now. One of our favorite ways to incorporate animal print is to take a sleek, black ensemble and step it up with snakeskin patterned boots. It really elevates a basic look. Also, cheetah print loafers are a great way to add some flair to your workday outfit.



A trick to always stay in style, but not break the bank, is to follow trends through your accessories. Right now, many stores are carrying animal print cross body bags and scarves. What better way to accessorize in the fall than with a cheetah-patterned scarf?


Bundle Up

Another trend that conquered the runway is big coats.  Statement jackets are all over the place, and they are a great transition piece to go from fall to winter. Many designers are releasing their take on faux fur, some even experimenting with colors.


Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints. Try bold cheetah print pants with a black top and red shoes. Or rock a snakeskin bodysuit. The great thing about prints is that you can transition from day to night very easily by simply dressing up your shoes and makeup.


Animal prints have made their way back onto the racks, and we are hoping this trend is here to stay. They are a fabulous way to add some uniqueness to classic styles. You will definitely be seeing these prints all over this fall!


Erin Regan, otherwise known as @ConvenientlyFabulous, is passionate about the look good, feel good mentality. When she is not rocking a classic rock band tee and leggings, she is finding ways to combine bohemian and classic styles. To follow her style watches and mindfulness tips follow her at https://convenientlyfabulous154663829.wordpress.com/.