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Badass Women Who Embody the #LoveMyShape Movement

Badass Women Who Embody the #LoveMyShape Movement

Women are taking their shapes seriously – and we are loving it! Starting with the #LoveMyShape movement, women are now telling all of the fat-shamers, women-shamers and obsessions with crazy photo filters to hit the road. Instead, women are embracing their curves, jiggles, stretch marks and scars. No longer will we allow shallow superficiality to have any power over us. The dynamic team at Shape Magazine are reminding us that, “We believe that every woman should feel healthy, strong, and confident. That taking care of your body and soul doesn't look one "right" way. That no one else gets to define how you view you. And that's where our #LoveMyShape movement comes in. Our bodies are complex and powerful, beautiful and badass, and we're here to celebrate the amazing things they can do.”



@alesandrabev is loving her pear shape. She says, “It took me years to become comfortable in my own skin and I'm finally no longer ashamed of my body. I absolutely adore this campaign! Proud to show off this pear shape."




 mandy_sue94 is a strong female athlete who plays water polo. She used to hate her hair and her body, but has overcome her self-consciousness and has emerged as a fearless player who can hold her own in the water. “Even when I was in the best shape of my life, I never loved or appreciated my body. Today when I see my big arms I remember that my body is STRONG, strong enough to fight with girls in water, and strong enough to skip shot a ball into the goal. When my legs jiggle like jello, I remember that my body is CAPABLE, blessed with the ability of movement, and I am grateful that with my jiggly legs I can swim, jump, and walk.”


Jessamyn Stanley, a yoga teacher and body positive activist tells about the long road it took for her to finally find her confidence by getting out of her own way. “I #LoveMyShape because it never stops working for me, even when I'm hell bent on being my own worst enemy."




Mallory Weggemann is a 2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist in swimming. She has conquered all stereotypes and multiple adversities. With each turn in the road I have learned to love my body because it is the very vehicle that propels me to chase after my dreams."