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Brands That Promote Self Confidence

Brands That Promote Self Confidence

In today’s world, there are many ways to promote your self-confidence. In the fashion world, confidence just became the new trend. World-renown clothing brands are starting to create not only looks, but products that attract more of the general population to create a closet full of confidence.


Aerie, American Eagle’s sister store, has become one of the top clothing brands to advocate body positivity and confidence in the past few years. Just not long ago, they decided to stop “airbrushing” and retouching or recreating their models during their Aerie Real Spring Campaign. Their customers are mainly high school and college-aged girls, so it is important that they are promoting role models of all different sizes and shapes, while exploring important examples to these girls who still have bodies that are developing and changing daily.


An online company, Modcloth, has always been advocating self-confidence. They have a wide range of trending clothes from sizes XS-4X. While self-confidence is key to every outfit, Modcloth decided to take it a step further by being the first company to sign the Heroes Pledge for Advertisers. This petition contains information about how NO physical changes can be made to any models during the editing process for post-production. ModCloth admitted that they have no professional models on their site, and that they have never been a company who changed or took advantage of them.  


Lululemon, a well-known workout brand had encountered lots of questioning in the past towards what type of customers can wear their clothes. Recently, Lululemon explained that that their clothing is not just for skinny girls, but that their clothing is also for strong women who do more intense workouts. Lululemon wants “people to live longer, healthier, fun lives,” and understand that their clothing is also about what you can accomplish wearing them!