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Build Confidence by Building a Better Wardrobe

Build Confidence by Building a Better Wardrobe

Just like a relationship with a boyfriend, the relationship you have with your wardrobe can be, well… complicated. Additionally, the clothes we wear are indicative of our mood and level of confidence. We all feel better when we look in the mirror and think, “DAAMN! You look good!” So, why not boost that inner confidence by looking fabulous on the outside! With a few organizational and shopping tips, you will be on your way!

Find a few fabulous pieces that you love and make you feel amazing. Whether they come from Marshalls or from Barney’s, the price doesn’t matter. As long as the items are flattering and help you to feel your best, that’s all you need.


Accessorize.  Adding a touch of sparkle or color to an outfit can really pump up the volume – both on your look and your vibe. A gorgeous scarf that provides a splash of color to a black ensemble can really make you stand out. Additionally, complementing your outfit with a gorgeous necklace and earrings will be the final bit of flair you need to make you feel extra special. Again, you don’t need piles of cash to achieve this – there is plenty of really good looking costume jewelry out there.



Exorcise the demons and all of the extra junk. If you walk into your closet and feel overwhelmed, what you might need is a good spring cleaning. Trying to sift through clothes that are the wrong size or wrong look can be downright depressing. Cleaning out excess stuff and keeping the pieces that make you look and feel your best will be a great step toward boosting the poise that is hiding inside of you. Getting rid of the excess clutter will certainly get you on your way to feeling better about yourself.



Ask for help. If you have a friend or relative who will help you (and be honest) about how something looks, enlist their help. If you need some extra help, ask for help from the professionals. The DAAMN! app is one that allows you to show a few options to the professional stylists we have and get their advice on your look.