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Designer For Hire

Designer For Hire

With the price of fashion taking its toll on not only our wallets, but the planet, our wildlife, and the garment workers themselves – it’s no surprise conscious consumers are looking elsewhere for alternate ways to get their designer fashion fix, without the guilt and impact to our world.

Consignment and rental fashion boutiques are emerging at a rapid rate. This is seen as a step in the right direction, and one of many solutions to the fast fashion industry. Consumers who love high end garments, but cannot afford the hefty price tags, can hire designer dresses, handbags, jewelry & shoes like Gucci, Dior & Versace for ¼ of the RRP – get that Insta photo and wow factor for your next party, then return it for someone else to enjoy!

With social media now the norm of our society, many fashionistas do not want to be seen in the same outfit twice. So this new way of fashion reduces the need to wear a piece once then have it banished to the back of the wardrobe gathering dust, when so much expense was incurred to procure it in the first place.

The younger generation is a big driving force behind the slow fashion and sustainability style drive. With climate change looming, the amount of pollution and emissions from creating fast fashion worldwide, is in the spotlight. Not to mention how much waste is generated by the average woman, with our discarded garments leaching toxins and dyes into the soil and water surrounding landfill sites.

Small incremental changes can add up and make a world of difference. If we love clothes, then we have an obligation to reduce our fashion footprint. Many fashion houses, chains, designers and runway events worldwide are now taking a stand and committing to a more sustainable way forward in the production of their clothes. H&M and Levi’s are a just a few of late to jump on board.

By hiring your next piece for that event or selling your great pre-loved items through the consignment process, you can be proud that you’re not adding to the problem but contributing to the solution.

Kimberley Skye is an Australian fashion stylist based in Sydney. She specializes in all things eco-friendly, sustainable, vintage, cruelty free and ethical.  A graduate of the Australian Style Institute, she uses her life-long thrifting skills and passion for fashion, to replicate runway looks for less.  Aiming to inspire change in the way we look at fashion, she blogs exclusively for DAAMN! Kimberley is Brand Ambassador for various charities and is a member of Ethical Influencers. To keep up to date on all her latest styles follow her on Instagram @_shopportunity, and be styled by her on the DAAMN! app.