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Dressing Girly Tom-Boy Style

Dressing Girly Tom-Boy Style

It may sound like a paradox, but it isn’t. There is a style, or “type” which can only be summed up as “Girly Tomboy.” 

These Girly Tomboys often tend to like to wear dresses and skirts, but also like to get their hands dirty, play sports, watch sports, or simply do “boy” things (as we have been conditioned to categorize them).

They like wearing dresses, but also like oversized tee’s, sneakers, and laid-back denim. Being a Girly girly Tomboy does not mean that you are not feminine, it just means that your style has a different dynamic; a mixing of elements which work together in a balanced and effortless way. Tomboy style has been on the rise in recent times, with comfort taking center stage in the style stakes.

Try these ideas to nail the “Girly Tomboy” look:

  1. Sneakers with a dress  - This look is nothing new but the way it is styled is changing all the time. The classic skater dress with vans is an easy go-to, but if you want to be more adventurous, consider styling a slip dress with a pair of converse and a leather jacket. You could also try a cocktail dress with a pair of Nikes. So wrong, it's right? Absolutely.
  2. Oversized Proportions – Relaxed-fit tees, longer-cut denim jackets, boyfriend jeans, even soft sporty pants. If it doesn’t hug the body, then you have got the look down pat. Constricted clothing can often appear to be over-the-top or uncomfortable, so bringing in some ease and fluidity can take an outfit into cool territory very quickly.
  3. Minimal Makeup with Messy Hair – This has often been referred to as “French Girl style,” an undone, effortless approach to beauty and hair. Think loose, tousled, natural skin and just a single coat of mascara. The goal is to let the natural features shine through. Less is more when it comes to Tom-boy beauty.