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Embracing the Tidying-Up Trend

Embracing the Tidying-Up Trend

Thanks to Marie Kondo and her Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book and Netflix series, it seems that everyone is purging their closets and finding what truly “sparks joy” in their lives. If you haven’t quite started on this trend, but you are thinking about doing some cleaning of your closet, we have some ideas.


  1. Think about the last time you wore something - For many fashionistas, it is hard to part with some of our favorite pieces of clothing; how good is a designer dress if it just sitting in your closet for months after the last time you wore it? If you haven’t worn something in the past six months, is it worth taking up space in your closet? The beauty of social media is you can still have the pictures and memories of your favorite pieces from the pictures in that outfit. Consider parting with some of the old favorites that you haven’t touched in a while.


  1. Organize your jewelry - This tip comes from our college dorm days, where we really learned how to maximize space in small places. Stacking necklaces and bracelets have been a trend for years, and there is nothing worse than getting them all tangled up. Instead of stuffing them all in a box, you can take extra hangers and hang a few on each hanger. This way you see all your options in your closet, and they won't get as tangled when you want to wear them.



  1. Take advantage of the organization you already have - Many of Marie Kondo’s followers have really been pushing this idea on society. Some people think they need to go out and buy fancy storage bins to be organized, but really you are just bringing more into your closet. Instead, take advantage of the shoe boxes and Amazon Prime boxes you already have. If they aren’t aesthetically pleasing enough for you, you can get some old wrapping papers and wrap the boxes to make them more stylish for your storage. The best part about this tip is that not only do you save money on bins and boxes, but you are reusing what you already have.


BONUS TIP: Now is the time to shop - Maybe you have purged out a ton of your clothes, and now you have lots of space in your dresser and closet. Well, this bonus tip might be contradictory to Marie Kondo, but here at DAAMN! we love to shop, and now is the best time to hit up the thrift shops and consignment stores. So many people are getting rid of things that don’t spark joy for them, but they might for you, especially at great prices.


Erin Regan, otherwise known as @ConvenientlyFabulous, is passionate about the look good, feel good mentality. When she is not rocking a classic rock band tee and leggings, she is finding ways to combine bohemian and classic styles. To follow her style watches and mindfulness tips follow her at convenientlyfabulous.com.