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Fashion with All the Feels

Fashion with All the Feels

You say you want a revolution

Well, you know

We all want to change the world

 - The Beatles

Now you can! As we all know, sustainability is a big topic of conversation in the fashion industry right now. Major retailers and fashion design houses are getting on board the eco-friendly style bandwagon, and doing their bit for the planet. Whether it’s cracking down on ensuring their garment workers internationally are protected and safe, to banning fur and other animal skins from their fashion lines and switching to faux to promote animal welfare – the fashion industry at large is sitting up and taking notice of what their consumer really wants moving forward: fashion with conscience & substance.

One way to get behind this long overdue fashion movement, help reduce landfill, prevent carbon emissions, water pollution and waste (amongst a variety of other important benefits!) is to join or host a clothing exchange event this month. April is the month of ‘Fashion Revolution’, an annual event where we as the consumer are urged to ask the pertinent question – Where Did My Clothes Come From? With events being held world-wide, promoting sustainability is a fun way you and your friends can get together for a worthy cause and make a difference.

Have that long awaited Spring clean wardrobe cull! If you haven’t worn it in a year, it goes! If wearing it doesn’t ‘spark joy’ then see you later! If the color, fit, or shape isn’t flattering, then someone else could love it and give it a great new home.  Next, create the party! Either at your house, someone else’s, or a local park even – ask family and friends to bring all their unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags, hats, belts and jewelry and swap! Bring food, bring drinks, help style each other, educate others and have a super enjoyable day out.  This fun giant shopping event will see you leave with a whole new wardrobe, yet it won’t cost you a thing. Seriously, who wouldn’t love that!?

What you will be contributing to and helping to save, is Mother Earth and all of those who inhabit her.  Not just for us here right now, but for generations of your family to come.  Remember, there is no Planet B.

Kimberley Skye is an Australian fashion stylist based in Sydney. She specializes in all things eco-friendly, sustainable, vintage, cruelty free and ethical.  A graduate of the Australian Style Institute, she uses her life-long thrifting skills and passion for fashion, to replicate runway looks for less.  Aiming to inspire change in the way we look at fashion, she blogs exclusively for DAAMN! Kimberley is Brand Ambassador for various charities and is a member of Ethical Influencers. To keep up to date on all her latest styles follow her on Insta @_shopportunity, Facebook and be styled by her on the DAAMN! app.