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Hold Onto Spring & Summer With These 3 Styles

Hold Onto Spring & Summer With These 3 Styles

Only a couple more weeks until the turn of season and the switch of the wardrobe. Don’t feel the need to completely move out all of your S/S style favorites, these 3 pieces can work pared back with your core winter items. Mixing a little Summer softness into your wardrobe season-round will keep you upbeat, positive, and ahead of the pack style-wise as the new way to dress is all about an eclectic mix of color, tone, shape and season.

Tie Front Blouse – We saw this style start to emerge a year or so ago but it is well and truly cemented as the new “it top” for weekend and vacation. Tie-front blouses lend a flirtatious yet sophisticated spirit to summertime basics. Flattering, a knotted waist gives the body an instant hourglass shape, and works with skirts, pants, shorts and even slips. Go for cropped styles with billowing sleeves in exuberant prints, or long sleeves and collars for cooler climates.

Square Necklines – this classic neckline is making a comeback and with it comes a big dose of femininity. This style evokes an old fashioned, romantic and royal flair to an otherwise simple piece. More elegant, versatile and easy-to-wear than the off-the-should trend, the square neckline offers cotton blouses and cocktail dresses a refreshing chicness.

Fun Prints - Summer has us all wrapped up in pretty, frivolous prints but don’t put them in storage just yet. Injecting a summer print into a Winter look provides some relief from the muted, monochrome color palettes which take over in the cooler months. Pair warm prints, such as yellow, orange, red and pink with black and pair cool prints such as blue, green, silver and purple with your lighter wash denims.