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How To Discover Your Personal Style

How To Discover Your Personal Style


The first step in any journey towards change or recovery is acceptance. Accepting there might be a problem or that something is amiss is the fundamental step in moving forward. It is easy to brush clothing and style aside as trivial, shallow, or not worthy of worry, but the fact is that the way we present ourselves to the world is a huge part of our identity. Finding confidence in style actually means finding confidence in being oneself. It isn’t silly, or small, or insignificant. It is HUGE!



Here comes the tough part – challenging yourself. Not just sartorially, but delving inside to work out who you are, what you want to say, what feels right, and where you belong. These are big questions. Challenging yourself with these questions is vital in the self-discovery journey and the path towards finding a style which matches YOU. Remember, we are not fixed beings. The answers to these questions change often and that is what makes personal style so interesting. As we experience life, change, adapt and learn, we become different versions of ourselves and as we change on the inside so too do we change on the outside. Our image reflects what is underneath. The best part? There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions.



Now for the transformation. Don’t be mistaken into thinking you need loads of money to change up your look. Keep an eye out for sales, get in touch with a stylist, either via the DAAMN! App or someone local and find out how to rework the items you already own. Try thrift shopping. Host a clothes swap party with your friends. Different doesn’t always have to mean new. Keep mood boards of styles you like, enjoy people watching for street style inspiration and utilize social media to gain a clear idea of what you like. Emulating someone’s else’s style, but in your own way, is what fashion is all about – creatively interpreting the things which inspire and resonate with you.



Fashion is not meant to be scary, daunting or stressful. It is meant to be fun. Your clothes should bring you joy, comfort and feel like a second skin. The general rule – if it feels right, then it most probably is. Don’t overthink your choices or second guess yourself, go with your gut and shine your style light bright because you are unique, beautiful and special so let you clothes share that beauty with the world.


Kimberley is a fashion blogger, stylist, and creative consultant based in Canberra, Australia. She is passionate about the creativity of fashion and helping people find confidence through style. Her experience in the industry spans over a decade and she aims to draw upon her knowledge and acquired skills to help others access the joy of self-expression through style. She is active on her blog, www.thestyleside.net, as well as on her Instagram profile @the_style_side.