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How to Feel Confident while Dressing for Comfort

How to Feel Confident while Dressing for Comfort

How awesome is that feeling when you look in the mirror and say DAAMN! I look great! However, in addition to looking your best, it is also important that you feel comfortable all day while rocking that amazing outfit. Get away from making wardrobe choices where you find yourself tugging and pulling at your clothes all day and find the things that make you look good while feeling great. Feeling comfortable in your skin while looking your best is somewhat a balancing act, but with a few helpful tips, you will be on your way to looking and feeling your best. 

Be honest about your size. Remember that no one is going to see the tag on your pants. If you are a size 12 and try to squeeze yourself into a size 8 or 10, you are not going to feel good when the waistband is slicing into your stomach. Wearing a size that fits your body is not only way more flattering, but is more comfortable as well. Buying your proper size means no popped buttons, excessive muffin top or a shirt that rides up.

Find clothes that fit you like your favorite casual outfit. While we might really feel like it, we can’t show up to our next meeting in our comfy yoga clothes or that perfect pair of Saturday jeans. However, since you know how delightful you feel in those, try and find a pair of suit pants that fit you just as well and give you that same great feeling.

Accessorize. Adding a pop of color or a little bit of bling will upgrade your outfit to the next level. Accessories give a personalized touch to your outfit and give both your ensemble and your mood that extra oomph.

Remember that feeling great makes you feel and behave more confidently. The choices you make in what you wear not only impact how you look, but help to bring out your awesome inner competence and confidence. If what you are wearing makes you feel uncomfortable or awkward and you need some help, don’t worry! The professional stylists at DAAMN! are waiting to help you make that perfect outfit choice.