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How To Shop For The Perfect Swimsuit

How To Shop For The Perfect Swimsuit

When it comes to swimwear, we have seen trends come and go summer after summer but as with our core wardrobes, our swimsuit wardrobe should work for us rather than pull us every which way (quite literally, a swimsuit needs to be comfort first and foremost!). Here are 3 things to look out for when shopping for your next swimsuit…

  1. Coverage

The last couple of years have seen swimsuit bottoms climb higher and higher, away from our butt cheeks and right into the middle of our butt. You all know what I am talking about. While the g bikini has it’s place for those confident few, the fact is most of us want to enjoy the beach and the pool without having to think about our behind. Make sure, especially when online shopping, that you select a pair that gives you the amount of coverage you feel best in. Consider going high waisted for maximum comfort and a chic nod to retro times.


  1. Color

Certain shades will warm your skin tone, bring you to life and have you looking like a dreamy beach babe instantly whereas others will leave you looking flat and lifeless. This is dependent on your natural coloring but as a general rule, don’t go too pale or soft in your swimwear choices or you will have nothing to contrast against your skin and this will leave you looking pale and ghostly. Good choices are red, coral, rich lavender, black and blues.


  1. Print

Whether you like florals, stripes, geometric or plain, the print of your swimsuit speaks volumes about your style identity. Florals are a little retro and ultra-feminine. Stripes are classic, with a confident French flair. Geometric prints are bold, fun and scream party girl while opting for a plain, block color suggests you are simple, sporty and fuss free.