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How to Style with Texture

How to Style with Texture

When putting together an outfit, often the first thought is color – what tones and shades go best together? Equally important to color, however, is texture. Styling with texture elevates an outfit and communicates a feeling in a subtle, yet effective way. Suede suggests luxury, velvet suggests decadence, linen suggests light-heartedness, leather suggests edge. Mixing and layering different textural elements adds interest to a look and can be the difference between an average outfit and an amazing fashion forward look.


Contrasting Textures

Pairing two completely different textures together adds depth and dimension. Try pairing a leather skirt with a plush cable knit jumper and watch your outfit come alive. Some great contrasts are cotton with velvet – a white cotton shirt paired with a velvet cross body bag is a perfect example. Denim contrasted with silk is another winner – try a pair of distressed jeans with a silk camisole. Another great combination is mixing metallic with linen – one looks fluid and liquid while the other is stark and dry, this bold contrast creates a beautiful balance.


Complimentary Textures

Mixing textures doesn’t have to be about contrast. Pairing a knit skirt with a knit jumper is cozy, warm, and ultra-soft. A leather skirt with a leather jacket makes a bold and fashion-forward statement, and a silk blazer with a silk slip dress is luxurious and feminine. Accessories can be a great way to work with complimentary textures – try a sequin bag with a metallic dress or a cotton slide with a cotton dress. Selecting two or three pieces of a similar texture has just as much effect as working a contrasted look.