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How to Take the Perfect Outfit Pics

How to Take the Perfect Outfit Pics

Have you ever put together the most Instagram-worthy outfit, but not been able to capture a picture to show it off? If so, I know the feeling, and I’ve got the best tips to help you showcase every outfit!


Setting - Your picture can only be as good as the place you take it. Background is everything! My favorite place to pose is outside in front of a colored wall, because it’s not only simple, but very effective. When choosing a wall, make sure the color is different than your outfit; you don’t want to blend in! It’s also important to choose a space that matches the mood you’re going for. Edgy? Girly? Classy? Pick a wall that will add to the vibe, and have fun with it!


Lighting - Lighting is key when taking great photos. Dark, grainy, and low-quality photos are never Instagram-worthy and certainly won’t show off your outfit the way it should be shown! Natural lighting is your best friend when it comes to photography, and if you plan out your shoots, it’s easy to avoid shadows and overexposure from the sun. Make sure to position yourself based on the location of the sun to get that perfect Instagramable pic! As for indoor shoots, make sure a window is around to provide you that real lighting you need.


Angles - Know. Your. Angles. Everyone has that one pose that accentuates all the right areas and gives you that confidence you’re looking for. Find that pose! For instance, I may be a shortie, but I can’t even count the times I’ve been told how tall I look in pictures because of the way I position my legs. Stand up straight, pivot your shoulders, whatever you need to do to show off your ensemble and your confidence! Also, don’t be afraid to practice these poses in the mirror. Then, when you’re in front of a camera, you know which angles flatter you best!