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How To Wear Sequins During The Day

How To Wear Sequins During The Day

It. Can. Be. Done. Yes, sequins during the day may conjure images of crazy, bright purple eyeshadow and shoulder pads for days but there is a way to do sequins during the day without looking you rolled off of an 80’s video clip.



Pay attention to the color of your sequins. Think silver, gold, soft pink or beige’s. Anything too bright will verge on tacky so be mindful of a clean, modern color palette.



Look for shapes with a slight vintage feel, so it looks considered and planned rather than a shiny accident. Relaxed tee shirt styles are perfect, bomber jackets or a slip dress are perfect. A tube top, not so much. Again, as with the above point, the key is to avoid looking tacky by covering up and adding an element of relaxed effortlessness. This is achieved through soft shapes rather than small and constricted pieces.


Splash It

Look for splashes of sequins if you are not ready to dive right in. A bag or a scarf can be a great place to start. A few sequins can liven up an outfit and add a stamp of individuality to an outfit, just remember to keep everything else simple and pared back. Avoid excessive jewelry and color, let the splash of sequins be the focus point of your outfit.


Now go get shimmering, after all, life is short, why not have a little fun.