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How To Wear White

How To Wear White

The most common go-to hue in fashion is black. Whether head-to-toe or in small doses, black is considered universally chic, fashion-forward and wearable. On the other side of the style coin sits white, a shade many are less inclined to wear despite it being just as covetable and essential to a strong, well-rounded wardrobe. White is synonymous with ease, confidence and clarity – it suggests a fresh start making is the perfect hue to breathe new life into any wardrobe. Some tend to avoid light and bright as it feels more challenging to style, but with a few tips and tricks, white can be your best fashion friend…


Style Up Those Neutrals

White elevates paired-back basics, offering a blank canvas and lifting colors which would otherwise appear lackluster and drab. Try pairing white with neutral, honey, beige and tan for a luxurious and clean finish on an otherwise “muddy” outfit. A white shirt paired with muted wide-leg culottes or tan cropped tailored pants is chic, work appropriate and effortlessly simple.


Add A Red Lip

Nothing is as fresh as offsetting a white outfit with a red lip. A white dress enhances a tan and adds a healthy glow to any complexion, which is amplified tenfold by applying a punchy red lip shade. Try it. You will be amazed at the instant glow hinting at your return from a tropical holiday. Actual mileage not required.


Head To Toe

A white-on-white look is the ultimate in confidence. Pairing white on white is an effective way to stand out without the need for OTT color and attention-grabbing antics. Style white cropped skinny jeans with a neutral flat sandal, a white tee and a white blazer for a look so fresh you will appear as though you’ve truly never missed a night’s sleep in your life.


Mix Textures

Try having fun with white accessories by playing around with textural elements which push the boundaries on how we usually see white. A rattan bag is a great option to add a pop of the unexpected to an otherwise simple outfit. Patent is another great choice, with white boots still a big ticket item this season, or get in the Christmas spirit with a chunky white cable knit jumper.


The main key to wearing white is to wear it in a way that works for your lifestyle – if you tend to spill things (hands up 90% of us) wearing a white shirt may not be your best bet, so try keeping it safe with white boots or a white bag. Both still pack a punch in the style stakes. For the composed and poised, a white dress or jumpsuit is not only appropriate, but a perfect statement for the silly season. For those somewhere in the middle, try a white blazer or cross body bag. Just remember, if it feels alright then go all-white (insert cheeky-pun-intended-grin emoji).


Kimberley is a fashion blogger, stylist, and creative consultant based in Canberra, Australia. She is passionate about the creativity of fashion and helping people find confidence through style. Her experience in the industry spans over a decade and she aims to draw upon her knowledge and acquired skills to help others access the joy of self-expression through style. She is active on her blog, www.thestyleside.net, as well as on her Instagram profile @the_style_side.