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INSTAGRAM INSTASALES – The New Way to Buy & Sell

INSTAGRAM INSTASALES – The New Way to Buy & Sell

We all have wardrobe cleanouts throughout the year. Whether it’s each season or annually, women generally like to cull every now and then to either make room for more items or their style has changed due to age/size etc. We end up with bags of items, which are great to donate to op shops, and the rest you think, I could make some money on these!  So many women have unworn pieces with tags still attached and it seems a shame not to try and sell them to a new loving owner.

The most common reselling clothing option for years now has been eBay, but with their commission and listing fees, the little amount of profit you make will be chewed up. Plus, the time it takes to list effectively with photos, details, measurements, etc., it can all be a bit of a pain. The new way to resell your used pieces is through social media, where there are no fees and less time spent listing the items in the first place. One is Facebook marketplace and the other, which is taking off big time, is Instagram!

Women the world over are taking to the ‘gram to list their unwanted items either on their personal accounts, or by setting up a preloved clothes sales account. Not only do you have a targeted market of followers with the opportunity to be seen by hundreds, more depending on your hashtags and how cool your pics are. The added option of promoting your wares through Insta stories or selling even through this method alone can bring in big bucks and to list 20 items would take 5 minutes!

The best thing is that there are NO fees! No one takes commission or charges you for listing them. Buyers comment SOLD or private message you to obtain payment details (PayPal is the best practice) and once the money clears, you post and that’s it. The best part is that you can easily tag each other in the items once worn for a night out, and you’ve got free advertising for the rest of your items. Word of mouth is priceless and with the ability to be shared amongst your own followers is amazing  – the number of people and potential buyers you can reach is extraordinary.

It’s a great sustainable way to shop, so the buyer can feel good about giving a preloved item a new lease on life and you as the seller, can know you’re doing your bit to reduce landfill and not contribute to the fast fashion cycle so prevalent in this day and age.  Instagram can also be used for clothing swaps in the same way too. You get followers together to post their unwanted pieces and agree to trade so no money is exchanged but you still get a great new piece for your wardrobe.  So next time you want to make some spare cash, look at selling items on Instagram. You’ll definitely be surprised!

Kimberley Skye is an Australian fashion stylist based in Sydney. She specializes in all things eco-friendly, sustainable, vintage, cruelty free and ethical.  A graduate of the Australian Style Institute, she uses her life-long thrifting skills and passion for fashion, to replicate runway looks for less.  Aiming to inspire change in the way we look at fashion, she blogs exclusively for DAAMN! Kimberley is brand ambassador for various charities and is a member of Ethical Influencers.  She hosts her own thrift store tours and her range of curated sustainable clothing can be found at Noffs Op Shop in Newtown. To keep up to date on all her latest styles follow her on Instagram @_shopportunity or Facebook @shopportunitystyling