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Jeans are your Best Friend

Jeans are your Best Friend

Everybody has those days where they do not know what to wear, and get really easily frustrated, trust me. To prevent this, it’s simple. You just have to have jeans in your closet, and not just a pair, but multiple favorites. That’s the solution.

Jeans will literally become your best friend if you have not figured that out already. There are so many different kinds of jeans that it can be overwhelming to decide which will be best for you, but I personally think that once you find a company that fits well and looks flattering, stick to it.


My favorite and must-have styles of jeans are skinny, boyfriend, and straight. I think skinny jeans are amazing because not only do they fit tight and comfortably, but they remind me of leggings in a print and material that goes with almost everything in someone’s closet. They also are sold in multiple colors, with or without holes, and with different cuts at the bottom!


The boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite things to wear because they have so much style in such a simple item of clothing. They look baggy, which allows for shorter, tighter tops to bring the full look together without having to do too much! Boyfriend jeans look great with converse, wedges, flats, and even heels at time. You can do a lot with just a simple pair of ripped jeans. If you are more of a high-rise jean person, go for the “girlfriend” jeans which are high waisted but still give you that baggy look.


Lastly, regular fit jeans are super easy to wear. They fit looser and have a relaxed vibe to them without having to do anything. Just pair them with your favorite shirt, shoes, and accessories and you are ready to go.

Overall, jeans can be dressed up or down and will never be questioned. They are a staple item that everyone should have in their closet.