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Leather in More Ways Than One

Leather in More Ways Than One

As the weather gets cooler, we can now break out more varieties of fabrics and textures.


This year, we are finding leather in more stores, but in different ways. Obviously, leather is usually a fashion staple every fall and winter. Now you can add it to your daily look from the more traditional to more on-seasonal trends.


Jackets - The staple leather item is the jacket. Sales of black or brown leather jackets are almost always doing well, and this year it’s the same. Pair these jackets with skinny jeans and booties, or on top of a fall/winter color dress.


Tops - Leather shells and tops have slowly been creeping their way onto the racks. Perfect for fall, you can style a leather top with slick pants, and a pair of suede booties. Don’t be afraid to rock multiple textures in your look. The texture is a unique way to elevate your typical style.


Pants - One of the more daunting leather items is pants. Many people think this is something only rock stars can pull off, but that is not the case. Challenge yourself to get out of your style comfort zone and slide into some leather pants. It is important to note here that typically when you choose leather pants, this will be the star of your outfit.


Dresses - Something newer for this year is leather dresses. The best part about dresses is that they can be super simple to style. My favorite look for this is pairing a leather dress in light brown with tights and some booties. This outfit is super simple but looks like you put in lots of effort!


Shoes/Accessories - The three B’s: boots, bags, and belts. These are all common ways that people wear leather. Shoes and accessories will always incorporate leather, but don’t be afraid to try different colors. Right now, there are tons of options out there for different colors of leather bags and boots. A personal favorite of my mine is picking a deep burgundy shade for bags to add to winter outfits.


Leather is a textured fabric that has always been in style, but now is your time to get creative with it. Remember, that your style is your form of art, so don’t be afraid to make it your own.


Erin Regan, otherwise known as @ConvenientlyFabulous, is passionate about the look good, feel good mentality. When she is not rocking a classic rock band tee and leggings, she is finding ways to combine bohemian and classic styles. To follow her style watches and mindfulness tips follow her at convenientlyfabulous.com.