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New Nautical

New Nautical

Lately, the big trend is utility wear, which is making a new twist on a classic look. Nautical wear is back and better than ever this year. You can rock the traditional nautical look with stripes and lots of blues and whites, or you can upgrade your look with some utility qualities. This year we are seeing many variations of the classic look, and we are here to give you some tips on how to make your look a little more nautical this year.


Accessories - As we have mentioned before, it is easy to dress to trends or try something new by starting with your accessories and/or shoes. When thinking about accessories, hoop earrings are classic with nautical, but to add a new twist, consider experimenting with the thickness of the hoops. Another popular accessory lately has been fanny packs/bum bags. Rather than sticking with the nylon look however, a white leather fanny pack is a great addition to your nautical look. This is also a way to combine that new utility twist to your outfit.


Bottoms - We have been loving fitted-yet-flowy trouser pants as of late, and they can be ideal for a nautical look. Maybe you are wearing a striped sweater, and if it is fitted on top, then you can wear a more flowy pair of trouser pants. In the BP section of Nordstrom’s, they have multiple pairs of pants like these, in many different bold colors that fit the nautical aesthetic. 


Tops - So this is probably the aspect of a nautical outfit that stays most on par with the classic nautical look. The big thing to remember with nautical tops is stripes. It is all about the stripes, but it doesn’t have to be plain stripes. Some designers are mixing the logo trend with stripes, like Miu Miu with their short-sleeve wool pullover.


Winter Wear - This year, Vogue has been promoting the idea of wearing nautical pieces in the winter, which seems counter-instinctual; however, it looks incredible! Rather than the just wearing this style in spring and summer, there have been ideas to wear thicker nautical style sweaters with reds, whites, blues, or cable knits. You can also add on some the more utility style jackets that are on the market on top of your look. 


Maybe you live by the water, or maybe you like to pretend that you do, the nautical style is back. So embrace your inner sailor, grab some stripes, maybe add a pop of red, and dream of life on the water! If you are already wearing this trend this year, be sure to send us your looks or get some advice styling from one of our verified stylists!



Erin Regan, otherwise known as @ConvenientlyFabulous, is passionate about the look good, feel good mentality. When she is not rocking a classic rock band tee and leggings, she is finding ways to combine bohemian and classic styles. To follow her style watches and mindfulness tips follow her at convenientlyfabulous.com.