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Shop for Style and for a Cause

Shop for Style and for a Cause

Chances are you love to shop as much as we do, and you will always search for a reason to buy something of the latest trend. A lot of newer, millennial companies are finding ways to make shopping more philanthropic. Maybe you are still in the giving spirit after the holiday season and you are looking for a few ways to change your lifestyle to help others. Here is a list of some amazing clothing and accessory companies that help others and stand for a good cause!


TOMS - Most of you have probably heard of TOMS, and their great mission; however, they have grown vastly from where they started. Originally, TOMS was just shoes. They had a donation model where they donated a pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair of shoes they sold. Since their great success, they since have expanded what they sell and how they help people. Now, TOMS helps globally to continue to give shoes to those in need, but also seeing glasses, better access to water, aid for safe birth, and bullying prevention. They also have discounts for teachers, students, and military, which gives you even more incentive to shop.


Spiritual Gangster - Not only does this athleisure brand sell adorable clothes with positive messages on them, but shopping with them also helps feed people. Spiritual Gangster has partnered with Feeding America, and for every item they sell, they donate a portion to provide meals for those that need them. Currently, they have provided over 11 million meals! So if exercising more or being positive is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, then you might want to give this brand a look.


Feed - Like Spiritual Gangster, Feed works on ending world famine. They sell all sorts of bags and totes, but under the price of each bag, it says how many meals that one purchase will provide. They have already provided over 100 million meals globally since their founding in 2007.


Amour Vert - This brand is dedicated to helping our planet as much as they can. They try to use the most positive and sustainable choices when creating their clothing, and they also plant a tree in North America for every tee they sell. You can even track all the different projects they have worked on with American Forest in different states. To date, they have planted 191,986 trees thanks to shoppers!


Erin Regan, otherwise known as @ConvenientlyFabulous, is passionate about the look good, feel good mentality. When she is not rocking a classic rock band tee and leggings, she is finding ways to combine bohemian and classic styles. To follow her style watches and mindfulness tips follow her at convenientlyfabulous.com.