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Short Girl Style Tips

Short Girl Style Tips

Often we see clothing displayed on only tall models – which is fantastic for all of the girls out there with extra height but what about those of us who are a little more vertically challenged? The truth is, great style has nothing to do with size, weight, height, skin color or anything other physical trait – it is all about confidence and creating shape. Here are a few tips for dressing confidently when you are part of the short girl tribe.

The Ankle/Wrist Rule
Whatever the outfit (statement sleeve being the only exception!) try to show off the ankles and wrists. This simple trick adds femininity and balances the shape, creating narrow points and streamlining the limbs. Give it a go - roll the hem on your denim to show the ankle, add a heel or even a flat, and you will see the difference. Unroll the hem and take a look at how differently it appears when the entire leg shape gets lost by covering the ankle. Do the same with a jumper or blouse, the arms look longer and everything appears more refined. Something so small truly does make such a big difference.

Pointy Shoes Are Your New Best Friend
Avoid wearing accessibly round toed shoes. A slight rounding is ok but a completely rounded end creates a stumpy shape and will cause you to appear shorter and stockier. A pointy ballet flat, heel or boot adds instant length to the legs and draws the eyes down and out. It doesn't need to be a sharp point, a gentle tapered edge is fine, but the shape must not be rounded. Give this a go next time you are shoe shopping, no matter the outfit, this rule applies!

Go Skinny Or Go Wide
Skinny jeans, even on a thicker thigh, create a slimming and elongated effect - the key is in the styling. The same goes for draped, wide leg pants or a maxi skirt/dress. Anything in between creates a solid block and will cut your height off. Straight leg jeans and A-line skirts, I am talking to you! This rule can be somewhat resolved with a basic nude or black pump shoe, or a clean heel, but generally speaking, avoid these in between styles if you want to create height and balance. 

Long Lines Pieces 
A duster coat is a prime example of one piece doing all the heavy lifting. The long lines of a duster coat drawn the eye down and bring height, the same way a boyfriend blazer does too. A cropped jacket does the opposite - in fact, short girls always appear shorter in "little clothes". The shape needs one piece to be long, so whether this is an oversized shirt, maxi skirt, boyfriend blazer, long line vest, a long scarf or a trench, the long silhouette will create instant height.