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Style On A Budget

Style On A Budget

Style doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. Try these simple tips to enjoy fashion without sending yourself broke!

Host A Clothes Swap Party
Rather than spending on new clothing try this idea instead! Invite your closest friends over and encourage them to bring along their clothes they no longer wear or want. Everybody does the same and you can browse one another's clothing, swapping item for item. This idea can be extended to a public event or done through a group created over social media to get more out of the event. 

Sew It Up
Learning the basics in sewing, whether by hand or on a sewing machine, means salvaging once loved items which may need to be repaired. You can also update items as trends come and go or your body shape changes over time – try taking pants up, adding shape to garments with darts or tailoring, crop sleeves, embroider or play with different hem lines. 

If you love the idea of a clothes swap party minus the partying part, you could ask a few friends to do a direct swap and either post of exchange items in person. You can also do this via a Facebook group or in classifieds.

Sell At The Markets
Check out if there are any local markets you can get involved with as a seller. You will need to pay the stall fee and be organized with stock and display but other than that, selling your things at a market store is a great way to make some money from your pre-loved pieces. You will probably need to source a wheelie rack but the markets should provide tables. Buy some sticky labels for pricing, invite some friends to join you with their items to ensure your stall has lots of stock and get selling. Make sure you display your items well, it should look visually appealing, be color coded and shop-able.

It is always a good idea to be creative with fashion; step away from the consumer wheel and recycle, re-imagine and review your wardrobe for maximum effect. Style is about YOU and while sometimes it is the best feeling known to fashion lover kind to purchase something expensive, shiny and new, remember that no new purchase or trend will make you 'more stylish.' Style comes from the inside.