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Stylists who Promote Self-Confidence

Stylists who Promote Self-Confidence

In the fashion industry, many clothing companies want to sell the newest trends, and styles. Even though that is important, what a lot of people don’t understand is that the right outfit on someone can promote and improve their long-term self-esteem. Sometimes it is not about dressing in the newest style but putting on something that will make you feel like your best self.


Well known stylist, George Brescia did a talk on how to improve your self-confidence, and self-esteem through fashion. He included information about how to coordinate a best outfit depending on your own hair color. Many people learned from him that trying too hard for the right outfit is not going to get you anywhere, but its picking the outfit that’s true to who you are that will get you much farther. A main theme that came out of his talk was fashions definition. It should define as being who you are and loving the look you have put on to present. There is a major difference between the statement “that looks amazing on you” and not “I love what you are wearing.”


A personal stylist, Lauren Lovett is a huge advocate on self-confidence through her passion of shopping. Lovett believes that “confidence is everything”. It helps promote a positive mindset for the customer. Her missions as a stylist is to help one realize who they are through where they would like to go with their clothing. Lovett believes that it is essential to find the balance between your own image, which is how people see you and your identity, which is who you are. She reiterates that the smallest differences can make the biggest change to a customer’s life. Lovett’s goal is that after her sessions, her customer will feel gratified! Self-confidence is the best outfit.