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This Season’s Wardrobe Staple Updates

This Season’s Wardrobe Staple Updates

If your wardrobe is feeling a little tired of you are feeling caught behind the times, but can’t pinpoint where you are going wrong, it might be time for a few simple updates. The core pieces which make up a wardrobe are not prone to the fast swing of trends as they come and go season after season, but eventually they do shift, usually quietly. If you don’t have your eyes open, it is so gradual you might wake up one day and ask yourself “since when did 90’s jeans come back in?” To bring your look into the now, avoid splashing your hard-earned dollars on fast fashion trends and invest in the core pieces in their updated forms!


Swap The Skinny Jean for The Mom Jean

The skinny jean will never go out of fashion but is having a little rest as we are presented with alternatives which strike just the same effortlessly stylish edge. A high waisted mom jean is the best denim to invest in right now for an instant style update. Look for a relaxed fit which tapers slightly from the calf down in a slightly cropped cut. Mid to light blue washes are your best bet to get the look right and in terms of shoes, an ankle boot in black or white will have you putting your best foot forward.


Swap The Converse For The Chunky Sneaker

A simple pair of Converse will always be cool, but after years on high rotation they are begging for a rest. Enter the chunky sneaker, or ugly sneaker, depending who you are talking to! On initial release this style had many people divided – some embraced the bold, awkward and 90’s dad vibe while others turned away in disgust. Now the dust has settled it seems the majority are meeting in the middle and this wild trend is in fact a long stayer. For the cautious, try a plain white with a mid-width sole and for the adventurous, go for an extra thick sole and wild color way. You can count yourself part of the fashion pack if you pair with a blazer and bike shorts. This is the look of 2019.


Swap The Leather Jacket For The Check Blazer

When we say swap, we definitely don’t mean throw out or store away, because a leather jacket is something to be treasured and worn forever. Perhaps hang yours aside for a few weeks and experiment with a check blazer to freshen up your look. The check blazer offers a cool British style to any outfit, suggesting you are tailored, classic and stylish, but also too cool to try too hard. Opt for oversized and roll the sleeves to ensure you appear undone chic rather than constructed and uptight.

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