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Thrift Shop Pit Stops - How To Thrift In 30 Minutes!

Thrift Shop Pit Stops - How To Thrift In 30 Minutes!

So you’ve got a spare half an hour in your day, woo-hoo! Think that’s not enough time to have a decent look in an op shop and find a bargain? Well think again! Here are my top 5 go-to sections when you have limited time. All you need is focus, an open mind and most importantly, have fun!

Pit Stop # 1 – Shoes
Most second-hand stores have shoes in size order. Find your section and get your Carrie Bradshaw game face on.  Heels, sneakers, boots, flats, wedges – the variety is endless. So many outfits evolve from fabulous footwear, so be ruthless and look for real leather, patterns, studs, buckles, sequins and more. Work your way through Cinderella, and see which slipper fits.

Pit Stop # 2 – Belts
What outfit can’t be improved with an amazing belt? Whether vintage for your favorite Levi’s, or a beaded satin sash with tassels for that evening dress – a belt can take an ordinary outfit to the next level.  Know your trends and single out cool buckle designs, leather and brands for a steal. Try them on and get creative.

Pit Stop # 3 – Bags
Which self-respecting fashionista doesn’t like a good handbag? Second hand stores have an abundance of bags to choose from and for a great price. Most of my high end designer bags, including 2 vintage Diors, have come from op shops. You’d be amazed at what people give away, but their loss is your gain.  All the current trendy it-bags, you can find the same or similar styles for a steal preloved.

Pit Stop # 4 – Jewelry 
Investigate the racks, cabinets and baskets for bling! Necklaces, earrings, rings and wristwear are fun to check out in a thrift shop. It's here you can find some truly priceless antique pieces too. Look for real silver and gold. Ensure clasps and attachments are all in working order. Buy something for a friend or family member and give the gift of thrift!

Pit Stop # 5 – Sunglasses
I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found Ray-Ban sunglasses in a recycled shop. Just make sure you try sunglasses on as sometimes they have prescription lenses in and you don’t want to discover this once you get home! Some still have their matching cases too. As a side note, designer cases on their own are a couple of bucks and great as spares. 

If you still have time to spare then scan the clothes. This is the largest section so without adequate time it can be overwhelming on where to start. A quick Terminator-like scan for current trends often comes up with a sustainable shopping surprise.  I assure you that with these 5 shortcuts you will breeze through the store and come out with some unique thrifted gems.

Kimberley Skye is an Aussie fashion stylist based in the vibrant city of Sydney and specializes in all things eco-friendly, sustainable, vintage, animal cruelty free and ethical.  A graduate of the Australian Style Institute, she uses her life-long thrifting skills and passion for fashion to replicate runway looks for less, whilst aiming to inspire change in the way we look at fashion. Blogging exclusively for DAAMN! she is also Brand Ambassador for various charities and a Member of Ethical Influencers. To keep up to date on all her latest styles, op shopping tips and tricks - follow her on Instagram @_shopportunity & be styled by her on the DAAMN! app.