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Vacation Style – What To Pack For Your Next Trip Away

Vacation Style – What To Pack For Your Next Trip Away

You’ve booked a vacation, the excitement is growing by the day and the season is warming up. Welcome to the best time of year! Now for the tricky part, packing! These tips will help you avoid overstuffing your suitcase, ensure optimal Instagramability and ease. Win, win, win.


Match Your Color Palette to Your Destination

In the day and age of social media, this is becoming the most important thing to consider when styling your holiday look. Before you begin putting together looks, consider your destination. What colors come to mind? Research the buildings, culture, activities, dining and bar options and the scenery – this will help you form a creative concept in your mind, as well as give you the info you need to ensure you will have loads of visually appealing snaps which will come together in a cohesive feed.


Off to Paris? Pack crisp whites, navy denims and lots of gold. Bound for Barcelona? Inject some coral red, tan accessories and ruffles. Headed for Hawaii? Go tropical and splash white with greens and earthy tones. Play around on Pinterest for ideas.


Pack Outfits Over Separates

This is a common mistake made by many a traveler - an excess of separates feels “safe” because it appears as though you have a million mix and match options but upon arrival you will realize half of the things you’ve thrown in don’t actually go together. Pack outfits and plan them out.

For example:

Day 1 – Comfortable travel jeans/leggings and a relaxed tee with sneakers.

Day 2 – Swimsuit for the pool, denim cut-offs and a sheer cotton shirt to wear to dinner afterwards.

Packing outfits removes the risk for over packing and clashing options and will guarantee you spend less clothes shopping while you’re away. Take photos of the outfits for each day/occasion or write them down.


Get The Basics Right

There are some items which work anywhere and everywhere so be sure to include these and build around them.

Denim shorts – these work over swimwear, with a simple tee, a knit jumper, dressed up or down.

Leggings – these are a travel essential, especially for long flights. Comfort is key and you can easily style up with a good basic tee and a denim jacket.

A White Tee – goes with EVERYTHING!

A pair of Vans – no holiday is free from a fair amount of walking around and sightseeing. A comfy pair of vans are stylish, comfortable and a plain white pair will style with denim like no other

Ray-Ban Wayfarers – some simple and classic Wayfarers are the perfect pair of sunglasses because they are just as at home sitting atop your head on the way to the airport as they are covering your eyes in the pool. Ray-Bans strike the perfect balance between classic, trend and universally flattering.

Black One-Piece – if you feel the urge to pack a whole bunch of bikinis, think again. A simple, well-cut black one-piece will be a much better option. This can be layered post swim with a skirt or pair of shorts for a night out but also looks just as fitting on the beach. Chic, simple and versatile, invest in one and you’ll never look back!

Kimberley is a fashion blogger, stylist, and creative consultant based in Canberra, Australia. She is passionate about the creativity of fashion and helping people find confidence through style. Her experience in the industry spans over a decade and she aims to draw upon her knowledge and acquired skills to help others access the joy of self-expression through style. She is active on her blog, www.thestyleside.net, as well as on her Instagram profile @the_style_side.