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What Style Tribe do You Belong To?

What Style Tribe do You Belong To?

When it comes to how we dress, there are loads of groups, or “style tribes” as call them in the fashion world. It doesn’t take long to identify them, these tribes have a certain way of dressing, a lifestyle based around their wardrobe choices and unique coveted brands within their communities. Do you know what tribe you fit into? While there are literally dozens of these “tribes” and we all cross over between them, here are 5 current tribes which seem to have the strongest style identity in 2018. Which one do you belong to?


  1. The It Girl Set

Think Kendall, the Hadid’s, Hayley Baldwin…the list goes on. These girls push the envelope, catapult trends into the mainstream via social media and prove anything can look stylish (belt jeans and minute sunglasses, anyone?). If you belong to this tribe, you love working quirky, sexy, bold pieces together and parading them with more confidence than, um, a Supermodel.

  1. The Glamour Gals

Kardashian-eque, flawless, covered in bling and ultra feminine, glamour girls are not afraid to up the ante. This tribe enjoy their handbags, love a winged eye and flock towards nude shoes faster than their credit cards can handle.

  1. The Front Rower

Fashion forward, edgy and street style ready, the front rowers live and breathe style. Their outfits are on the minute, bold and set the tone for what we will all be wearing next season. These girls are the Kate Bosworths, the Alexa Chungs; the bloggers and the trend makers.

  1. The Girl Next Door

Simple, cute and laid back, the girl next door enjoys fashion but is not defined by it. She sticks to simple pieces, loads of denim, a fresh color palette and is rarely seen without a tote bag, coffee in hand, her group of friends and a cropped pair of jeans.

  1. The Active Mama

Altheisure supreme, the active mama is always seen in the newest and latest gym clothes, regardless of whether she has been to the gym or not. She sports (excuse the pun) black Nike’s, 7/8 tights and a zip up jumper which scream NYC Upper East side mum on her way to Pilates.