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What Your Handbag Says About You

What Your Handbag Says About You

The bag you choose to carry says a lot about your personality, suggesting what tribe you come from, what is important to you and how you approach fashion in general. From the practical to the fanciful, what does your carry method say about you?


The Belt Bag – The trendiest of all bags, the Belt Bag is for the bold and confident. With a sporty heart and a trend setter vibe, you will find the Belt Bag worn effortlessly with the seasons on-trend styles because if there is one thing this girl likes, it is to be ahead of the pack. A social media maven, the Belt Bag tribe don’t like to muck around or go unnoticed – every outfit is a photo op and this is the bag to command the likes.


The Cross Body – Who needs to be weighed down by a whole bunch of stuff? The Cross Body Bag is for the girl on the go who enjoys to socialize, shop and space out her day with ease and intention. Whether brunching with friends, checking out the sales or heading out for drinks, the Cross Body Bag carrier likes to look good without being constricted.


The Backpack – Adventurous, youthful, fun and free, the Backpack babe has places to explore and understands having her hands and arms free to explore the world is the only way to go. Wandering through life, study and learning, she carries the things she needs without fuss or concern, preferring to live in the moment and let her bag be an afterthought.


The Tote – Professional, streamlined and simple, the tote carrier tends to be career focused and determined. Often running between meeting or traveling across the city, the tote carrier needs extra room in their bag for the day’s diary, paperwork, drink bottle and snacks. Style is important to the Tote lover so you will find she matches her bag to her outfit and opts for sleek, quality material in her bag of choice.


Kimberley is a fashion blogger, stylist, and creative consultant based in Canberra, Australia. She is passionate about the creativity of fashion and helping people find confidence through style. Her experience in the industry spans over a decade and she aims to draw upon her knowledge and acquired skills to help others access the joy of self-expression through style. She is active on her blog, www.thestyleside.net, as well as on her Instagram profile @the_style_side.